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LP6 Guitar Scales System

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Play Solos, lead guitar, improvise, and play modes in 2 weeks

FREE ! -- Learn the "C" major scale, by following these 4 simple steps:

1.) learn the seven "6-note" patterns shown in Figure 1.

2.) choose your key ... say "C" major, which has an "Origin" number of 3.

3.) calculate the "array of pattern numbers" for the whole fretboard as shown in Figure 2, starting with the "Origin" number. (You can do this in your head)

4.) visualize the "6-note" patterns on the fretboard in the same order as the "array of pattern numbers" as shown in Figure 3.


Choose a chord sequence or backing track in the key of "C" major, and play notes from the "C" scale over those chords ... it will sound great !

With a little experimentation, you will create great melodies and some licks & riffs that complement the melody nicely.

This single system works coherently for all Major, Minor, and Pentatonic scales ( =  144 scales).

Figure 1.) 6-Note Patterns

Figure 2.) Calculating Pattern Numbers

LP6 - Guitar Scale System - There is no easier way to learn 144 guitar scales - Major, Minor, Modes, Pentatonics

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LP6 Scale System Background

The LP6 guitar scales system is the product of a year's work, and a passionate desire to reduce the complexity of learning guitar scales, and the inordinate length of time to learn a few scales. Help me get the word out to the world's guitar community.

I am an Electrical Engineer with expertise in Numerical Systems, which helped somewhat, in designing the system.

Music scales are the “alphabet” of the music language. With this alphabet we can learn to “spell” musical “words” such as chords, and “licks”. We can then assemble some of those “words” into “phrases”, … then “sentences”, … and eventually into “stories” which appeal to many. This is possible because,  as in a word based language where we all recognize familiar words and phrases, and are mesmerized by their eloquent use, music components like chords and licks must be “spelled” correctly or they are not harmonious. “Words” must be put in the right order, or a musical idea does not fit the melody … and so on. When all is right, the musical “story” can be magical.

Most modern guitar music is written using a 7 note scale called the Diatonic Scale. The Diatonic Major Scale with its familiar sounding “DO-RE-MI-FA-SO-LA-TI-DO”, is used to create and play the majority of guitar music today. This is so, because all  of the Minor Scale and all Mode Scales, as well as the Pentatonic scales are derived from the Major Scale. There are 144 scales you can play, just by knowing the Major scale;   ( [7 Major modes + 5 Pentatonic modes] * 12 keys = 144).

Combined with the number of different scales and modes, each having 12 keys, learning to play a variety of different music on the guitar requires the knowledge of many scales and is a formidable challenge.

Please try this system and tell your friends, ... it changes everything.

Start by learning the "C" major scale, by studying Figures 1, 2, & 3 above.

Leo Pelletier  P.Eng MB